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Montreal's Jason Bajada has recently released his third album, Loveshit, on Maple Music Recordings. His unique blend of pop influenced folk has garnered him much attention by the music industry and has held the ear of appreciative music fans worldwide.

Despite receiving much applause for his first two self-released albums Puer Dolor and Up Go The Arms, Bajada was never quite satisfied with his sound, "This really does feel like a first record because the other ones were never quite what I was looking for. I’m happy with what comes out of the speakers now." Bajada is a talented song-writer and Loveshit is his cathartic release, full of gut-wrenching tales of past relationship woes for all that can sympathize.

Check out his video for "Ten Days in Miami" (This song is so good. Also, "Home's Still your Bone's", comes highly recommended by Maria)


Jason Bajada - Ten Days In Miami from Trampoline Sparks on Vimeo.

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D I X O N said... @ March 04, 2009 10:11 AM

This is my regular Q chime in: Check out the February 13th Love Sucks edition of Q from CBC Radio 1 with Jason Bajada. Great live performances in studio, but I couldn't believe how truly broken up he was about this girl of his. Loveshit really does come from a genuine place of heartbreak for him. I guess that's the only correction, this isn't relationship woe from a history of conquests, this is one girl that broke his heart and inspired an entire album of cathartic release.

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