Handsome Furs release their sophomore album, Face Control, on March 10th to coincide with their North American tour, which kicked off yesterday at New Yorks Mercury Lounge. They head back home to the Motherland for two shows on March 12 @ Mavericks in Ottawa and on lucky Friday the 13 @ Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto as part of Canadian Music Week. Stops on the tour include the SXSW festival and a gig in Montreal @ Il Motore on April 3rd. (Full tour schedule here)

The Montreal based band features husband and wife duo Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade (yea!... that guy) and Alexei Perry.

"The inspiration behind Face Control involves a peculiar aspect of club culture they observed while on tour in Eastern Europe: if party goers wish to reserve a table at a bar in Moscow, they must pay large sums of money through PayPal or with cash; however, their seat is still not guaranteed - bouncers have the authority to turn reserved patrons away from the bar based solely on appearance, which has been coined 'face control'.- Radio Free Canuckistan
(Read the full interview here... It's fantastic. Dan talks about working on the album, about Canadian culture and about Wolf Parade etc)

Enjoy -

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SolShine7 said... @ March 08, 2009 10:09 PM

Okay, so I am totally addicted to your blog. Lots of great content and plenty of good music finds. Keep on slicing it up!

SLICE magazine said... @ March 08, 2009 11:33 PM

Will SolShine.

btw totally agree with your sunset philosophy.
"They're God's smoothies to the world."

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