NB: (we've been blogging a lot about music recently, but we promise we'll be bringing you more posts from other artistic avenues soon - probably after music week)

We introduce you now to a band from Hereford, England: The Anomalies

I came across this band by complete fluke over the summer. I was chilling in London, and a friend from home came up to visit and wanted to go to a gig. I had never ventured to Bristol so I went online to see what was happening out west on the night she'd be visiting. I found a pair of cheap tickets for a show in a small, sweaty, grime dodge of a club. Perfect way to show my friend a night on the town in the UK. The tickets of course were to watch The Anomalies ('twas an awesome and interactive gig, I was floored by their talent and their sound.)

They've finally announced a release date for their full length debut album, Free Soup Social, and I am SOOO "chuffed" (Brit slang for excited). Their sound is a mash-up of just about everything. They dabble in the big band swing sound, free-style hip hop, "indie" rock, electro-punk. I mean, if the term "genre-less" were to ever apply to a band... it would definitely be to them. British media has had trouble defining their sound, unsure of whether they are a guitar laced hip-hop group, or a rock band that free-styles. 'We wanted to be hip hop when we started, but because we didn't really know what we were doing, we ended up with something quite weird,' they tell Metro News UK.

The two front men, Goldseal and Mouthmaster Murf make up 2/5th of the indie/rap talent. Goldseal brings the vocals and the guitar, while Murf brings the rap and the synth. DJ Mayhem cuts. Joey Holmes is on sticks and Peter Copper helps out on Bass.

"When they play live, The Anomalies perform as a six-piece band featuring a DJ, drummer, beatboxer and bass player. The show-stopper is a freestyle segment where Murf and Goldseal rhyme about random objects offered by the crowd."- Metro News UK
(Trust... it is a show-stopper...I passed up my TFL Oyster card and almost didn't get it back... scariest moment of my life!)
We LOVE LOVE LOVE them... and want you to LOVE LOVE LOVE them too.


Buy their tracks: here
Listen: here
Free Download: here
Kid Riot (Beatnik remix)
SLICE's fav track: " Hand that lights my cigarette/Bamboo Beats" mash-up (It used to be featured on their site, not sure if it's still there though)
Watch: The Friday Session Introducing: The Anomalies "Bamboo Beats"

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Jay West said... @ March 11, 2009 11:51 AM

i went in kinda hating. i did not think i was gonna like this that much...and I was greatly mistaken. It was dope.

"take a message for my love" -remi shand

lol. good stuff

SLICE magazine said... @ March 11, 2009 3:12 PM

Good... we're glad. They have a beastie boys vibe.

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