So long Conan

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Image taken from New York Daily News
Hey Slice readers.

I'm sure you're all aware of the earthquake that hit Haiti a few days ago. For those of you living in Canada and that are looking for a way to send financial relief, the government of Canada has agreed to match donations dollar-for-dollar (up to a total of $50 million) when you donate through the International Development Relief Fund. Read below.
A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the impoverished country of Haiti [Tuesday January 12th 2009] shortly before 5:00 p.m. The quake, centered about 15 kilometers southwest of Port-au-Prince (Haiti's capital), has been reported to be the strongest earthquake to hit the poor Caribbean nation in more than 200 years.

Haiti is reportedly one of poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, with approximately 80 percent of its 9 million residents living in poverty.

The quake has collapsed buildings, buried residents under rubble, and has devastated Haiti residence and the international community at large.

The Red Cross estimates that approximately 3 million people have been affected by the quake. Thousands are feared to be dead and many more injured.

At this time, IDRF is cooperating with Feed the Children in Haiti to make initial emergency relief assessments. Relief aid and assistance will be provided accordingly.

To lend your support to this cause, please mark your donations to IDRF as "Haiti Relief". - IDRF

- Slice

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Here's a classic that's been stuck in my head lately. This is "Heart of Glass" performed by Nouvelle Vague, originally released in '79 by Blondie.

They'll be kicking off the start of their North American tour in Philadelphia on Jan 22nd, so check out their tour dates and clear your calendars.

They'll be in Montreal at Metropolis on the 26th of January, in Toronto at the Opera House on the 27th, and on February 5th they'll be at The Venue in Vancouver.


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We just watched Jay-Z's new video featuring Swizz Beatz which premiered on NBC yesterday. WHAT. THE. FUCK!?

Aptly named, "On to the Next One", the video helped usher in the new year with something as confusing, abstractly conceptual and messed up as 2009 on a whole.

Anyway, have you guy's watched it yet? Did you feel like that fat kid at summer camp with over protective parents that totally sheltered him from pop culture and then one day at a friends house he finally got the opportunity to watch MTV and caught a glimpse of an Aqua video which frightened and confused the fuck out of him!? Like, seriously, what is going ON!? There's some Heath Ledger/Marilyn Manson/Beyonce/Cirque du Soleil/Sexy Milk/Fire Balls aka Crotch Itch/Inkblot references that we're just not understanding.

Care to shed some light?

- Slice

Update: It just occurred to me that they must have been HIGH when they came up with the concept of the video. It's the only conclusion that makes sense!

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...and what a year it was.

It's the end of a DECADE, but boy was 2009 an epic year. Death, Rescission, Pandemics, you name it, it happened last year. We decided to wait until the VERY END of the year to do our roundup. (Hey, we couldn't be too careful, I mean someone attempted to bomb a plane 7 days ago).

With this year came tragedy, anxiety, job uncertainty and infidelity...but this year also managed to pull something fabulous out of it's toxic ass. It brought us GLEE!

Here are our lists of the top news stories rocking us this year.

Major Headlines
Obama's Inauguration and 1st year in the Whitehouse
Michael Jackson's Death
The Economy
Auto Industry Collapse
Swine Flu
Ted Kennedy's Death
Health Care Reform in America
Judge Sonia Sotamayor on the Supreme Court bench
Beijing Olympics
Miracle Landing on Hudson River
Mark Sanford and his Argentine mistress
War in Gaza
Iran Democracy movement
Bernie Madoff pleads gulity to 11 federal offenses
Balloon Boy

Top Canadian Headlines
Obama Visits Ottawa
18 Tornadoes touch down in the Greater Toronto Area on August 20th
BC Fires
Toronto's Garbage Strike
Tori Stafford Abduction
Olympic Torch
Harper misses G-20 photo-op (he was taking a wiz)
Newfoundland Chopper Crash
Earl Jones Ponzi Scheme
Drake and Justin Bieber blow up on the music scene

Entertainment News Headlines
Chris Brown beats-down Rihanna
Kanye shits on Taylor Swifts moment
Tiger Woods and ALL of his mistresses (11 and counting)
Twilight Madness
Susan Boyle reminding us that ugly people are talented
Michael Phelps Bongs his face off
Lady Gaga (fullstop)
Oprah announces that she goes off the air in a year
Heath Ledger wins Posthumous Oscar
Oasis Breaks up
John and Kate Split
Jimmy Fallon joins late-night lineup
Adam Lambert kiss
Carrie Prejean etc etc etc
Letterman Extortion Scandal
Eminem and Borat stunt???
Angry Christian Bale freak out

Popular Social Sites

Breakout TV Shows
Modern Family
Cougar Town
The Good Wife
Lie to Me
Nurse Jackie
Parks and Recs
Vampire Diaries
The Middle
The Cleavland Show

Major Deaths
Michael Jackson
Farrah Fawcett
Patrick Swayze
Senator Ted Kennedy
Walter Cronkite
Natasha Richardson
John Huges
Brittany Murphy
David Carradine
Billy Mays
Bea Arthur Roy Disney
Ken Ober
Chris Henry
Soupy Sales
Captain Lou Albano
Les Paul
Eunice Shriver
Steve McNair

Karl Malden
Ed McMahon

Dom DeLuise
John Updike
Jett Travolta

So, that's the 2009 year roundup. We leave you with a great video mix. Let's hope 2010 takes a Xanex and chills the fuck out.


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