No you guys, this is not the Waffles + Falafels video (we told you to look for it NEXT week... yeesh). So we've been on a waffles roll recently and decided to bring you the best Belgian Waffle Houses in Toronto and Vancouver.

Toronto: Wanda's Belgian Waffles
335 Yonge, at Gould, 416-593-0999

If you're looking for hot, soft and sticky traditional Belgian Waffles with all the trimmings then look no further. Wanda's waffles are made fresh to order and will run you about $6. You have the option of adding a topping such as ice cream, Nutella, strawberries, whipped cream etc for a fee of between $1.50 and $3 (depending on what you get).

Wanda stays true to Belgian waffle form, even including the traditional sugary chunks that make Belgian waffles so unique. I have tried many Belgian waffles at home and abroad, store bought, vendor bought and restaurant bought and I must say that Wanda really does hold her own.

I've overheard the occasional complaint about the waffles in general, being overpriced, too small or most hilariously, containing the little sugar chunks, but to them I say "FUFF", her waffles are awesome and authentic. If you don't like them pick up some fucking Eggos.

Vancouver: Patisserie Lebeau 1728 West 2nd Avenue, 604-731-3528

Okay, First I want to comment on something... everything in Vancouver looks so fresh and so clean.... that is all.

Patisserie Lebeau was opened in Vancouver in 1995 by Belgian couple, Oliver and Penny Lebeau. Since opening the patisserie "the Brussels waffle, the centerpiece of our weekend menu, has been such a hit...that our loyal customers are willing to wait in line for our standout signature treat".

As it goes, the waffle is only offered on the weekends, at which point health-conscious Vancouverites ditch the yoga and Lululemon for an afternoon and wait in lines down the block to consume this sweet confectionery. Lebeau is one of the only places in Vancouver where Belgian waffles are sold and they have wisely taken advantage of this fact and currently produce the waffles for retail and wholesale consumption across the province of British Columbia.

You can also find Belgian waffles for sale in Montreal at Creperie du Marche at the Jean-Talon Market. However, they are not made fresh to order.


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Karen said... @ May 09, 2009 1:37 AM

Belgian waffles are so delicious, I seriously need to take trip up there.

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