Okay, I had to do a post on the company My Pretty Pink Box.
So spring has finally sprung (lame line, I know) and because I rarely wear make-up--or do anything to my skin for that matter--during the winter, I decided to go on a MASSIVE beauty products spending spree (I'm disgusted with myself).

I've been getting a lot of product tips and make-up advice on twitter from tons of different beauty tweeters. Some tweople have suggested I purchase Ponds Cold Cream as my nightly face cream, others swear buy Johnson's baby shampoo as a make-up remover or to get rid of pink eye, and others suggested I pick up make-up brushes from Michael's rather than MAC (I found a great Youtube video on it too). It has all been incredibly informative and quite fascinating. I've been told that Prescriptives custom blend is the greatest foundation out there, that eye lash tinting DOESN'T WORK, Neutrogena Comforting Body Butter is "the best ever", and that Cover Girls Lashblast is the best mascara known to man. Basically, I received a free beauty education by product junkies that have tried everything on the market, and really know their shit.

I picked up the fore mentioned products along with many many others suggested by my tweeters and have thus far been completely blown away by the results (especially by my Lashblast buy... that shit is DA BOMB). It's my opinion that twitter is completely revolutionizing the beauty market. You can receive "in-real-time" reviews and opinions of various products as well as suggestions and first hand experience by tweople who are all willing to lend a helping hand.

While on Twitter I stumbled upon My Pretty Pink Box, a company based in California which provides a box full of beauty samples to people across Canada and the U.S. for a very reasonable price. So, as I always do when looking for a visual review, I headed to Youtube in order to find videos reviewing My Pretty Pink Box and to find out exactly what is in said "pink box".

Basically, it's a pretty pink box full of various make-up and beauty samples from different brands. The cost of the box is about $15.00 inc. shipping, or you can buy a bag for about $11.00. The products are switched up each month and as a result MPPB has become incredibly popular among make-up and beauty fiends. The boxes regularly sell out as soon as they go on sale (May's boxes have already sold out) so you must snap them up quickly. It seems like a really good deal for the amount of products you receive and the minimal price you pay and I'll definitely be looking into picking up a MPPB in June.

I thought I'd share this discovery with you in case any of you are interested in beauty samples.

Thanks lovelies,

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F Blog said... @ May 07, 2009 1:43 AM

woah i totally need to try out one of these! I am so behind on beauty products!!!

Linda said... @ May 16, 2009 4:47 AM

Thanks for the review!

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