So, we know seal hunting is a touchy subject...blah, blah, blah...but we at SLICE just had to post about this.

Our Governor General, the Queen's Representative in Canada, has in one swoop given a big Canadian F-U to the European Union- who have voted to impose a ban on seal products- by cutting the heart out of a freshly killed seal and eating it.... raw!

Michaëlle Jean was on a trip to Canada's Arctic, where she ate the heart of a seal on her first day in Nunavut, saying seal hunting is an ancient cultural ritual that was practiced humanely.

When asked if she was sending a message she said, "Take from it what you will."

The Americans are saying Michaëlle Jean is Canada's Sarah Palin, but we ask you, would Sarah Palin take the time to wipe her blood soaked fingers neatly on a napkin? We think not...Palin would probably lick her bloody fingers "finger-lickin'" clean!

Clubbed and dragged straight to your computer screen,

For more information on the seal hunting issues of animal cruelty vs livelihood click here.
(Story via Canadian Press: View Video here)

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Anonymous said... @ May 26, 2009 5:29 PM

wow - ive got to say im shocked by your non-chalant view on the seal hunting debate. its a pretty massive thing right now + from what ive seen there's nothing humane about it - youre governor general has probably stirred up a whole lotta shit right there + to be honest, im glad - maybe itll get these ridiculous, uneccessary massacres stopped.

SLICE magazine said... @ May 26, 2009 5:47 PM

Hey, Thanks for the comment. Honestly, in that post we were detaching ourselves from the issue of weather it's right or wrong and were laughing at the fact that just after mere days of the EU's decision she decided to eat a seal, lol.

In Canada Seal Hunting is seen in three lights, all of which have equal value. a) It is the only means of livelihood in some northern communities that are already struggling. b) An Aboriginals right to preserve their culture and the historic hunting of the seal, which dates back thousands of years. c) The animal rights activists who think it is inhumane.

All three present fair arguments and in Canada it isn't a one sided issue and so, can't be treated as such. So far they've placed regulations on how and when you can hunt, but the rest has yet to be figured out. Seeing as the EU has placed a ban on seal products (and Norway having been the main import) i'm sure things will change for the better.

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