Kuduro is a style of music that first emerged in Angola. It is characterized by the mixing of African drum samples with the Caribbean soca and calypso genres to create a more upbeat style of its Caribbean variants. The music is then given an electronica overbeat, a genre which has been growing more and more popular in Angola since the late 80s.

Kuduro music and dance was immediately picked up in the Afro-Portuguese regions of Portugal due to the large number of Angolan immigrants. As a result the Kuduro genre was able to gain wide spread success and attention within Western Europe.

From Portugal's Kuduro scene rose Buraka Som Sistema in 2006. They are the most popular Lisbon based Kuduro band due to their incredibly successful single Yah! They have performed at Glastonbury and Roskilde (two of the largest music festivals in the world) as well as having worked with acclaimed artists such as M.I.A., Saborosa and Puto Prata and being featured on our favourite show ever, Skins. They have since been picked up by the Sony BMG label and have released a second album, Black Diamond (2008).

Here's Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro feat MIA, DJ Znobia and Saborasa and Puto Prata (filmed in Angola)

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