Okay, we're trying to get our shit together and get organised. We've told you guys countless times that we're like... way backlogged, but now that it's summer and we're finished uni we can get all caught up with "the scene" and update you all on Canada's finest.

So we've been stuck in our e-mail inbox like a fat kid in a cat flap and we're going to slowly bring you the news. (These e-mails go back to April 2nd y'all, so don't expect miracles).

Our first backlogged e-mail post will be on Black Hat Brigade. These guys are an experimental punk band from Brampton Ontario (that's where Michael Cera's from) and are based in Toronto. They're currently touring the Ontario/Quebec area and will be finishing the tour at Toronto's NXNE fest at the Drake Hotel (great spot for indie band shows ppl).

So these guys are re-DONK-ulously amazing... if you're into the whole, lazy melancholy drugged up comedown tunes. Their 2008 EP, Fathers was lauded by the Toronto "indie scene" and they've been named a "group that people need to notice" by NOW magazine.

They are currently attempting to put out their first LP, also entitled Fathers, and are asking fans to join the Donation Program IE, donate some cashola to help make the record a reality and you'll receive a copy of the Fathers EP.

Listen to: Zombie City Shake

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SoniaBlade said... @ May 11, 2009 11:18 PM

Wow, great band!
reminds me a little bit of modest mouse.


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