Degrassi rules the SLICE pages tonight. First it was Shenae Grime's Oscar worthy performance in the season finale of 90210. Now it's Aubrey "Drake" Graham... you know Jimi from Degrassi the Next Generation (before he graduated off the show) that was shot or something and ended up in a wheel chair.

Anyway, apparently he's a rapper now and is supposed to be Lil Wayne's protege (when the hell did this happen?) and he's been canoodling with Ri-bound-anna all over the NY.
Now, this is not a gossiping site, but when our Canucks do something that needs to be taken notice of (i.e. jamming your tongue down RiRi's throat) we're gonna post about it, especially when homeboys from Toronto.

Anyway, seriously... when did he start rapping and why didn't I know about this? Granted, I don't exactly stay up-to-date with my Degrassi Alumni, but... I'll do better I promise.
I'm not gonna talk trash about him cause he's Canadian (and from Toronto) and well... that's not the way we roll in the Tee-dot but I'm still kind of stunned (about his whole rapping career that I was completely unaware of).

(via people magazine)

On a side note... what's with all these Non-Canadian biddies coming north to our cities and stealing our men? Pshhh, they're sucking our town dry and I'm not impressed. (okay... in retrospect, I probably could have worded that differently)
I say we vote to close down the border... who's with us?

Skip ahead to 1:13 if you don't want to watch the cartoon

Okay so I'm listening to Lykke Li right now and I've had the remix to her song Little Bit ft Drake on my ipod for ages and would listen to it once in a while, but I had NO idea it was HIM!! I'm totally tripping out right now. Homeboys been littered all over my ipod and I didn't even know who he was.
update- I was listening to my ipod again, and i just found a Santogold song feat him (a remix of unstoppable)

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Karen said... @ May 23, 2009 12:43 PM

I can't stand like 98 percent of rap music because it's so trashy. I liked him as Jimmy but I'll pass on his Drake endeavors.

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