I'm sure many people are experiencing Michael Jackson excess, with the numerous radio stations running Jackson music marathons along with tributes and television networks airing 24 hour coverage of the events surrounding his death, but I just came across this amazing video of Michael Jackson, reminding us (not that we really need reminding) why he was the greatest entertainer of our generation.

Like many others out there, I've been digging through and dusting off old cassette tapes of the Jackson 5 as well as my first two Michael Jackson cassettes, Anthology '86 and Dangerous '91 (the latter is probably the one we can all remember best--white tee flowing, sparkling shirt, Jerry curl, hat... smoke in the background.. HOLLER) bought the albums at a garage sale for 50 cents as a kid, and decided to pay homage, in my own little way, to the "Man in the Mirror", whose music transcended all barriers. (Don't act like y'all don't have a copy of "Ben" lying around the house somewhere, that you used to lip sync in the mirror to.)

Anyway, here's a video of Jackson doing his "signature move", the moonwalk, made famous by him in the early 80's.

The one and only,

P.S.I have my window wide open and someone just drove by BLASTING Billie Jean out their car window...ha

Also, MJ's albums and singles are currently dominating the charts, most notably in music downloads on itunes and Amazon where all 10 places in all fields are MJ recordings.

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