Youth Poverty is no laughing matter and just like any other major cosmopolitan city, street kids are part of the reality of urban areas.

That being said... Toronto probably has the coolest street kids in the World. While walking down Queen Street W, the entire Queen and John area, where Much Music is located, was abuzz and barricaded as crew members set up for this Sunday's Much Music Video Awards. Shiloh was sound checking at the time, and loads of people were watching (we've got footage of it and will be posting it over at the NXNE Diary blog in a bit) and gearing up to camp out along Queen in the hopes of gaining wristbands for the MMVA award performances (The Jonas Brothers are hosting the show this year so it's bound to be a ridiculously huge affair).

Adjacent to the festivities was the above street kid holding a sign saying "Much Music Blows" (I don't necessarily dissagree)... I was walking by and read the sign quickly and thought the sign read "Blows for change" or something, and I kinda laughed because I thought he was being a smartass. Then I re-read the sign and laughed again, got a picture of it, gave him a buck and made small chat. He told us that he plans on playing during the awards when performers aren't on stage...(He was selling art too, but I didn't have money for that shit). Anyway, he was a cool kid and I walked away thinking that Toronto's got the best street peeps in the world.


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Anonymous said... @ June 24, 2009 3:27 PM


Maria said... @ June 24, 2009 4:54 PM

Dude... I'm a poor student, I don't have money to be throwing at every kid in Toronto. lol. He didn't seem like a REAL street kid though, I think he was more of an artsy kid that likes to "hang out" on the street and play music and sell paintings lol.

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