I aspire to be as cool as President Obama... That's why I want a Blackberry
I want a Blackberry you guys!
Yes... me... girl who doesn't even check her voicemails wants a Blackberry.

I have recently fallen victim to the spell of recessionary consumerism.
Although I'm usually not one for bells and whistles, when it comes to cellular phone technology, all reason goes out the window at the sight of a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design. Ya...I like the flash factor... so fuck off! (In the warmest way possible of course...)

I'm moving far, far away from home in a few months, which of course makes running an arts/culture blog kind of difficult. Specifically when it comes to organising interviews etc (especially at this time in our young blogs life... as things seem to be going rather well). But when The Queen calls, you don't hang up the phone.

I am currently a slave to my laptop; e-mailing, tweeting, blogging--well constantly social-media-ing really-- in an attempt to perpetuate our "brand" before we launch our site. But once I step away from that computer I am incommunicado. I am virtually unreachable. I rarely answer my phone or respond to text messages (unless necessary), I never check voicemail and I operate on a "don't call me, I'll call you" basis. But I've been told, many-a-time, that this is impractical and a hindrance to those attempting to contact me. As a student, I could get away with this, but as a professional...(especially in techno-culture driven London, where people don't even bother with landlines because they can be constantly reached on their "mobile") the whole "Why-don't-you-answer-your-cell-phone?" routine is becoming a bit redundant.
Enter new hot and flashy phone... the supposed saviour to all of my problems.
Blackberry Curve 8900
Right now I use a simple but reliable Sony Ericsson k800i. It has seen me through the best and worst of times. It has flirted with boys, It has told boys off. It has hung up on sisters, and it has hung out with friends. And it has, on occasion, received severe beatings by yours truly. I'm not abusive or anything, but I am a bit of a klutz (everyone that knows me and is reading this right now just nodded their head). Although I love my phone, it is definitely time for an update. (If I recall correctly I got this phone back in '07).
So I recently began my search for a new phone to replace the bruised and battered brick I currently own and the two front runners by far were the new iPhone 3G and the relatively new Blackberry 8900 Curve.

iPhone 3G Cons... It's a touchscreen. I HATE TOUCHSCREEN TECHNOLOGY... like, more than I hate fish. The novelty of my sisters Prada LG wore off after about 5 minutes with the thing. Why would you want dirty, greasy, fingerprints all over your screen. Like seriously? Not to mention the fact that I'm anal and have serious issues with friends mistreating my devices. lol. I just couldn't handle it. (Okay, I should stop airing all of my "crazy" on this blog...)

Blackberry 8900 Curve Cons... It doesn't have Tweetie or Beejive (definitely the two greatest applications developed for the iPhone). I mean, you can get Beejive on your Blackberry, but only for instant messaging conversations not for threaded SMS/text messaging (as is available for iPhone users...although in the UK I don't think the Beejive SMS service is available at all...but STILL). As for Tweetie... it is hands down the best Twitter application available in the mobile world at the moment. There is a Blackberry application similar to Tweetie called "Ubertwitter" but it just doesn't compare (nor does Twitterberry).

Anyway, the reason for this post, isn't to get into a iPhone vs Blackberry debate... they both have their pro's and cons --and I've already decided to go with a Crackberry (It has a full keypad, which is the point of my getting a proper phone on the go... I basically need a cellular version of a laptop. Moreover, I feel the need to support my Canadian Research In Motion buddies).

So, a quick message to the Blackberry users that read this blog (if there are any), let me know what great applications you've found... specifically for threaded SMS/texting!

Thanks xoxo
If this 90 year old man can operate a Crackberry then so can I.

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SLICE magazine said... @ June 10, 2009 12:35 AM

For American's 3jam is a good option for free mobile-to-web (and vice-versa) sms text messaging.


Anonymous said... @ June 10, 2009 1:36 PM

I love touchscreen!

Anonymous said... @ June 16, 2009 9:33 PM

wait....my texts are threaded already...no app needed. i mean i have the curve 8330 but i know someone with a storm and the flip blackberry, and theyre all threaded. i dont see why the 8900 would be any different

SLICE magazine said... @ June 16, 2009 9:38 PM


Still Gotta say that the Beejive is aesthetically pleasing too. I am so fickle.

But ya, Blackberry's are clearly the way to go

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