Today is the Skydome's 20th birthday. Now called the "Rogers Centre" (pfft) and home to the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Argonauts and the Buffalo Bills, the Skydome is a Toronto landmark and a defining structure of our cities beautiful skyline. The $600 million dollar dome was designed by Rod Robbie and Michael Allen back in 1989 and took approximately 2 1/2 years to build. Prior to the opening of the Air Canada Centre (across the street), the 55,000+ seat dome played host to many pop act concerts passing through Toronto while on tour (Madona, U2, Radiohead, BSB and N'Sync etc). Located at the base of Toronto's CN Tower, the arena was the first North American structure to boast a retractable roof.

Due to some financial difficulty the dome was purchased by Rogers Communications in 2004 and was subsequently renamed, the Rogers Centre, although the dome is still referred to as the Skydome amongst Toronto residents.

If you're ever in Toronto, we suggest taking in a baseball game at the dome and checking out the incredible expanse of this structure.

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It is an imposing stadium, one of my favorites actually, I'm not fan of the Buffalo Bills, but when NFL season is on, I love to visit this stadium.

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