So I do a lot of blog browsing, and almost always come across blogs that I love and that I claim I will feature here on Slice. Usually going so far as to go out of my way to tell the blog owner that I intend on featuring them... getting them all hot and bothered, then forgetting. (If I've done that to you please drop a comment to remind me... I know there were a few... at least 3 or 4... but now I don't remember who). I'm very absent minded and thus have a horrible memory (some blame weed, I blame my inability to compartmentalize).

Anyway, today on twitter (follow us @slicemag) @theswellelife messages us and says "You always seem so angry! You need a hug my fellow Canadian girl. But I agree...big snore". She was responding to a comment we had made earlier about Dan Humphrey intending on going into music, "Oh CHRIST another gossip Girl wants to go into music?...seriously? Why can't these fuckers stick to what they do (I was gonna say "good at")".

I was a bit taken aback by someone saying that I seemed angry cause I've never considered myself to be "angry" person. Although I will admit that since becoming ill (I think I have swine flu you guys... lol) I haven't been the most pleasant person on the block. So I explained to her that I was annoyed by all these "actors" trying to bogart every arts profession in the industry rather than sticking to one bloody thing.... Christ, they can't all be J.Lo.

Anyway, this encounter led me to her twitter page which of course led me to her blog which is.... AH-MAH-ZING!

Our regular readers know that we have a tendency to crassly compare our blog crushes to relationships (one night stands, polygamous relationships, threesomes etc)... well this time around, I think I may have found "the one" and am ready to take the plunge into the black hole of ... Monogamy.

Denise Grayson is a Canadian expat living in Northern England with her husband and young daughter. She's lived in Paris for a brief time and was clearly incredibly inspired by the most beautiful city in the world. Her blog, The Swelle Life, is primarily a fashion inspiration blog deeply nestled in romance. Every post screams to me, it's incredible how similar our tastes are. Anyway, I could gush about this blog for the next day or two, but I'm pretty sure you've already clicked on the link so I'll stop wasting my...type(?)

I am insanely mad about this blog and I think you all should check it out NOW!!!


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Casie Stewart said... @ June 03, 2009 4:49 PM

OOOH nice one!

Denise @ Swelle said... @ June 03, 2009 5:43 PM

WOW!! What a tribute! I'm honoured and thrilled! You made my day! Funny how a few F-words can unite two people, two blogs, from across the Atlantic!

We have too much in common, I think a meet-up is in our future - will it be Toronto or London?? Big hugs! xxx

Dream Sequins said... @ June 03, 2009 6:04 PM

I love Denise's blog. Hurray for featuring her on Slice!!!

Hanako66 said... @ June 05, 2009 7:31 PM

stoked that I just found her blog!

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