Tomorrow is Valentine's day and as I subscribe to the belief that it is a commercial holiday, I will not be doing anything romantic at all. If you are choosing to bypass the love train as well, do what I do and avoid sappy music if at all possible.

Toronto is a great city because there are so many alternative events taking place every weekend. If you're in the habit of finding out about concerts and later forgetting to buy tickets, bookmark this blog because I will be reminding you as soon as I find out.

The first band I want to focus on is Passion Pit. If you haven't heard of Passion Pit yet, check out their song Sleepyhead. The band began as a one-man project of singer and songwriter Michael Angelakos. The Chunk of Change EP was originally put together as a Valentine's gift from Angelakos to his then girlfriend. Surprise! I managed to find an example of Valentine's Day making a difference in my life. The positive response Angelakos received from his girlfriend prompted him to give it out to his friends and fellow students at Emerson College .

Angelakos wrote and recorded the entire record by himself and it seems to be a preview of the quality work this perfectionist can offer. The production of the recording - brief, random, and unpredictably explosive - worked towards the development of Angelakos’ signature euphoric, laid-back sound.

Playing live as a five-piece band, Passion Pit has opened for Death Cab For Cutie, GirlTalk, These New Puritans, and more.

Passion Pit is playing at Lee's Palace on April 3, 2009 at 9:00 p.m. This is a Friday night, so really, there are no excuses.

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Amau said... @ February 13, 2009 3:27 PM

Super clip !

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