Tricia Todd and Eric Matthies' documentary on country blues musician Andre Williams, Agile Mobile Hostile, is currently being featured on Pitchfork Media's "One Week Only" and you MUST CHECK IT OUT. This is an incredible documentary on the rebirth of fallen star Andre Williams.

The film follows Williams as he retraces his steps through his past and discusses his highest moments, which included, topping the charts in the 50's and 60's with hits like "Bacon Fat" and "Jail Bait", recording on Motown's Miracle record label, and working with Stevie Wonder and Ike Turner. To his lowest moments and eventual fall from grace which landed him on a bridge in the 90's, homeless and with his hand out in order to fuel his crippling drug addiction.

In the Late 90's, Andre Williams picked himself up and released Mr. Rhythm, an album which included new renditions of his older hits. Williams has since recorded with Toronto based band The Sadies. His most recent album Can you Deal with it? was released in 2008.

Williams continues to deal with addiction as well as failing health.

The film is a fantastic and revealing documentary on one of the most original punk, blues and soul artist ever to record and comes highly recommended by the staff team at SLICE.

"Take it from Andre, leave the F*cking Drugs Alone". - Andre Williams


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