Right, so if you're a lover of all forms of music and you haven't heard of the Black Cab Sessions, well today is your lucky day.

"The Black Cab Sessions were conceived by Jono Stevens and produced as a partnership between Hidden Fruit (Gen Stevens and Chris Pattinson) and Just So Films (Jonny Madderson and Will Evans)." - thanks Wikipedia.

Basically, an artist (or group of artists) jumps into the back of a black cab (a.k.a. "hackney carriage"- those big black taxicabs they have in UK) and performs a song of their choosing while the cab roams around the streets of London (or whatever city they are filming in). The reason why the sessions are worth watching is because it quickly becomes apparent which artists are in their element and are able to adapt and play off of their surroundings effectively. Case in point, Lykke Li.

The Black Cab Sessions (BCS) have seen a number of incredible performers including The New Pornographers, My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes, Spoon, The Walkmen, Bon Iver, Futureheads, Amanda Palmer, The Kooks, Martha Wainwright, Coldwar kids... you name it, the list goes on... if they are any good they've performed in the back of a London cabby.

The BCS have since gone international, crossing over the pond to cover this years SXSW festival (I'm looking forward to seeing who they managed to rope into performing). They have garnered a cult like following on youtube and on their website and show no signs of slowing down.

Today SLICE brings you the Black Cab Sessions: Chapter Fifty: The Cool Kids.

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