A few members of the SLICE team headed downtown on Friday to catch the Holy Fuck gig down at Harbourfront. The show was great, and the set lasted for about an hour. Everyone was feeling the bands experimental vibes, and the cool lake breeze was the perfect antidote for the day's scorching heat. Holy Fuck performed as part of the "Beats, Break and Electronic" show right on the lake for music lovers across Toronto.

After Holy Fuck we caught another acclaimed Toronto band, DD/MM/YYYY. They were performing in a tent next to the stage but the line to get in was a mile long so we decided to sit on the lawn by the clothing stalls along the lake and take in the music from there instead. It was a gorgeous night, and we would definitely encourage other youngsters to head downtown to the Harbourfront and enjoy the music as well. You can get a schedule of what's going on here. Hey Rosetta will be playing in two weeks time.

Listen to: Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen

Love ya lots,

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Isquisofrenia said... @ July 14, 2009 12:04 PM

i never heard of the holy fucks but i like it, i love how your blog is about everything but also big in music,
defenetely awesome!!!!

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