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Given the recent political turmoil in our incredibly unstable government over the last few months, we at SLICE have been thinking a lot about Canadians, our identity(crisis) and what makes us content.

Where in some countries civilians would have taken to the streets with pitchforks and megaphones over the lack of confidence in our Conservative government, Canadians have remained rather complacent and disinterested in the fact that our government is on the verge of dissolve and we may be without a leader of our great country. I mean let's face it... we've already proven that we would much rather watch an American election than a Canadian one.

According to a Macleans Magazine's, Canada Day Issue published a year or two ago (the article was entitled "Is Canada stealing the American Dream?" ) - or something like that - We live longer, work less, have better health, enjoy more sex and are wealthier than our American cousins.

"After digging through the data, here's what we found: the staid, underpaid Canadian is dead. Believe it or not, we now have more wealth than Americans, even though we work shorter hours. We drink more often, but we live longer and have fewer diseases. We have more sex, more sex partners and we're more adventurous in bed, but we have fewer teen pregnancies and fewer sexually transmitted diseases. We spend more time with family and friends, and more time exploring the world. Even in crime we come out ahead: we're just as prone to break the law, but when we do it, we don't get shot. Most of the time, we don't even go to jail."
So once again, we look at the age old question, what makes us Canadian or are we doomed to define our identity by negation? We are NOT American.

READ ON... to find out what makes Canadians so damn cool.


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