There are no words to describe the incredibly EPIC win that was yesterdays game over the US.

It was a perfect finale to an incredible Olympic games, and who better to score the winning goal in sudden death overtime than 'The Next One: Sidney Crosby'.

After a 2-1 lead over Team USA with only 30 seconds left on the clock in the 3rd and final period, Canada began prematurely celebrating it's win over USA when Zach Parise took a chance tip in on net, and Luongo's stick, rather than blocking it propelled the puck in further.

Suddenly all of Canada fell eerily silent while the shock of what had just occurred began to register. We were going into overtime and at this point... it was anyone's game.

While North America inhaled and held it's breath, sudden death began and approximately 7 minutes in Sid the Kid worked his wonder and proved to the world why hockey is Canada's game. Canada exhaled, took to the streets, got drunk and celebrated our victorious win. From coast to coast and around the world celebrations ensued. Nothing brings a nation closer together than a Gold medal over the US in hockey.

For that America, we thank-you,

Game Highlights

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leviana coccia. said... @ March 01, 2010 8:06 AM

This gave me shivers!

daniel john said... @ March 02, 2010 4:55 AM

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