So a few weeks ago we got an email from a one man band from Scotland who performs under the name Deathpodal.

He describes himself as a DIY musician, which we here at Slice can respect. He performs and records the majority of instruments himself but where he can't he implores the use of some of his musical buddies to assist.

Virtually every instrument was explored on his debut EP Exu_Wow. We'd describe the sound as atmospheric and we're particularly fond of his track 'Robert', where he makes use of the clarinet amongst many other instruments, and also concedes to a complete tonal change approximately 2 minutes into the song. He sites bands such as Sonic Youth and PJ Harvey as major influences.
We'll try and make 'Robert' available as a download so check back soon.

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Alastair said... @ April 05, 2010 1:48 PM

Here's a place to download the track for the next 7 or so days:

http://bit.ly/afgboM (Deathpodal myspace)

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