Everyone and their mother has heard New York's new state anthem, Jay Z's "Empire State of Mind". Let's face it, it's an incredibly empowering song. Don't deny it, you know that when you listen to it you wish you could sing it and claim it as your own (whether or not you're from New York).

Well to all of our Toronto peeps (or Toronto appreciators), hometown rapper Ron Dias has reworked the already infamous song to show some love to our favourite city.

It's essentially the same song with references to various experience in Toronto.
He mentions Vince Carter (that ass, we'd sooner forget) and Chris Bosh, Drake, the Skydome, Lakeshore, Caribana, the CNE etc. It's definitely a track to listen to on replay when you're missing your city pretty hard (Not speaking personally or anything).

Download Toronto State of Mind here.

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