Spring is ending in Australia and Summer is coming. . .

With the season of heat approaching, all will experience this thought at one point during the season.

"Do I smell?"

The thought brings a particular feeling. It’s the feeling that a truly concentrated pungent smell is exiting from your pores. No not exiting, evaporating from your body into the vapors surrounding you.
This is the type of feeling where you cannot move your arms with liberal movements, because if you do, that juice extricating from your pits will fill the nostrils and stroke the taste buds of the tongues surrounding you.

There is a girl who lives on the end of my corridor. She is notorious for her scent. Its pungent. Males have sworn of her beauty but believe its wasted on such a smelly creature. The funny thing is, even when the day is not particularly balmy, she smells.

The smell is so strong in that it is not limited to just her body, no her room smells too. Every time you walk past it - even when the door is closed- your nostrils are filled. The experience is similar to being thrashed about in the ocean, the waves fill every orifice of your body. You can smell, taste, see, even hear salty water. Replace 'salty water' with 'odour', actually 'strong odour' and its pretty much a similar experience.

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