The other weekend I was on the tram coming back from this warehouse party. Three guys had my company. I was the only girl. *See last article for explanation.

It was nine in the morning, I had been out for eight hours straight, and was fantasizing over a cool shower. The conversation was drifting here and there, between witty remarks and the sort of remarks which are only possible due to the group’s combined state.

Anyway this guy Paul was bought up. He was nineteen years old and a virgin. The whole thing apparently seemed pretty funny to the other three guys. They were doing that thing where they make it deliberately obvious they are trying to keep a straight face when talking about something that they actually find really funny. Man I hate it when people do that. Its so annoyingly obvious, like sarcastic gags. I mean seriously, its such a lazy attempt at jokes; to point out the apparent by mentioning the opposite.

Lets be frank, if you cant think of something actually funny to say, its probably a sign that you should keep your gob shut at that 'golden moment' because "no" you don’t know what the perfect thing to say is.

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Till next time

Oh and kudos to Canadians for making the magazine adbusters, its become a recent discovery of mine.

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lisa said... @ October 01, 2009 5:01 AM

frankie is so weird

SLICE magazine said... @ October 01, 2009 12:06 PM

lol... but always an interesting read none the less.

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