Dear Slice Magazine,

My friend told me she'd come to dinner with me on account of it being raining and we thought something hot would be nice to fill our tummies. She sent me a message 30 minutes before, telling me she'd rather eat in at the lame college we live in. This is just the beginning, I'm trying to find this MC Solaar song and no it is not "Le Belle et le Bad Boy". My stomach hurts from chewing too much bubble gum today. I haven't drunk a coffee in three weeks, its part of my attempt to stop being dependent on coffee to wake me up during the day, so instead I'm drinking English breakfast tea, Jesus Christ I just read that and hated the sound of myself. Do you know what I ate for dinner tonight? A packet of crisps (chips for your North Americans), a chocolate bar and an ice cream. I don't want to hear about the children in Africa or Peru or Chile or anything like that, because tonight I wanted to eat Japanese food, soup or pasta. I didn't want to eat shit because my stomach is sensitive and hurts all the time, partly from being anxious all the time and partly because the food is high in something that hurts it.

Man I'm so angry at her for ditching me like that. You know she does it all the time. I always ask her to come out with my friends and I and she never does. Then one time she says yes and I am full of so much happiness -- its like I'm 12 again and mum says we can go through the drive through at McDonald's-- and you know what she does, we are there for 45 mins and she says to me, "Frankie, I'm leaving", and I turn to her and say "you know what, just stay for one more drink and then you can leave straight away, just have one more drink with me". And she says, "No I want to leave", and I say "Look I'll buy it. I'll buy the drinks for the rest of the night", and she says "No". This happens once more after that and she tells me she needs to go the toilet. 30 mins later she hasn't come back and then I get this message saying she's left because she just wanted to. Look Slice, do you mind if I call you by your first name? I am a girl in case that was unclear, and I have a lot of guy friends. In fact, most of my closest friends are male. I'm not sure why, but it just happened like that. I always go out with them and have the best time, but just once I would like not the be the only girl out. I would like one of my friends who is a girl to come out with me, just once, Jesus I'll pay for them the whole night...but the whole thing is impossible.

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Sarah said... @ August 29, 2009 6:08 PM

Mmm, that was semi-entertaining. Funny.

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