So the other day (Aug 20th) my sister and I decided to go for dinner in Woodbridge at Chili's restaurant. Once we finished our meal and headed outside we seemed to be in the mist of what appeared to be a hurricane. (I assumed that it was Hurricane Bill, traveling north to visit us friendly Canadians). It took us approximately 30 mins to get from Chili's home (a drive which usually takes 7 mins) and on our way home we noticed that the "hurricane winds" really began to pick up intensely as we passed Vaughn Mills mall. Eventually we got home and the electricity was out. Still unaware of the fact that our area was experiencing a tornado.

My father was convinced that there was a plane trying to land near our house because of the intense howling. He also mentioned that in all his years he had never heard thunder the way he had heard it that evening.

None-the-less after approximately 3 1/2 hours our power returned and we were informed that an F2 Tornado had touched down in Woodbridge and had left a considerable amount of damage in its wake.

Our well wishes go out to our neighbours whose houses were destroyed by the tornado.

We leave you now with two videos. One of the storm ripping it's way through Woodbridge on route to Maple. And the other of a panicked resident speaking to his grandparents (this video is hilarious).
- Maria

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