Hey guys. So we at SLICE have really been slacking in terms of updating the blog with consistent and new content. We promise to get things rolling once again, as soon as May peeks through from behind the clouds. Right now we're all bogged down with exams, portfolios, interviews, jobs, traveling and of course... hanging out.

Summer is right around the corner and we've got loads of awesomeness up our sleeves for all of you. In fact, Val and I have been discussing putting together a fun video of our summer in Toronto and surrounding Ontario/Quebec areas, for all the readers and viewers, which I think is a stellar idea because summer in Ontario is a heck of an incredible time. So be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel because we'll be updating it with videos regularly.

We'll be hitting some lakeside beaches, campsites, concerts, festivals, restaurants, protests, country farms, city galleries and probably some cities south of the boarder too (NY, hopefully Lollapalooza in Chicago and I think Sullywood is heading to Bonnaroo in Tennessee, so hopefully we'll get a low down of what's going on down there too) and we'll be bringing you all with us so stay tuned.

Follow us on Twitter for updates on the SLICE team, because we tweet like it's no ones business.

In the meantime, how about you take a dig through our archives. We're sure you'll find something to entertain you for the time being.

Or check out our relatively recent documentary post on Canada's "Summer of legalization". (That's a good video).

Take Care xoxox-
Maria and the Slice Team.

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Karen said... @ April 20, 2009 2:27 PM

That's okay. Your tweets are pretty amazing. They make me laugh, like seriously. I just saw that Link Within widget the other day and I'm glad you added it. I'm thinking about putting it on my blog too.

Until then I'll be waiting for "all the awesomeness you have up your sleeves." Because magic tricks are cool again (along with other random '80s memorabilia).

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