Pitchfork reviews new music (mostly indie bands) and hosts an annual music hipster festival in Chicago.

On a side note, because we at SLICE follow Pitchfork on Twitter (ha), we were just informed that our Montreal lovers Arcade Fire are showing their new documentary film Arcade Fire: Miroir Noir on Pitchfork TV's One Week Only. So all you hipsters better go and check it out so that you'll have something to chat about while you're chilling in the Annex.

This film gives Canadians total Hipster cred...It's pretty effed up.

On a side note, has pitchfork become too pretentious with their reviews? Our friend at
Katuwapitiya thinks so.


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Karen said... @ April 07, 2009 12:52 AM

I appreciate all Arcade Fire mentions. I need to see them in concert. Fast!

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