Okay, this post was originally going to be me ranting about DISAPPEARING TWEETS! (See below) but now, I've had to add to my list of vexes against Twitter, to include; unscheduled and scheduled maintenance, over capacity notices, background images disappearing, the inability to edit a post and being told to MOSEY ALONG!! WTF?

Disappearing Tweets: I'm gonna vent for a second. Recently my twitter posts have been disappearing into Twitter oblivion and it's REALLY pissing me off. Then I'd Tweet about how frustrating it is to have my Tweets pulling Houdini's on me, then THOSE tweets disappear TOO! GAHHH. I'm SOOO annoyed. I've complained to Crystal (the Twitter guru/techy) and still nada thing has changed. They claimed to have tweaked things and solved the problem, but it's STILL happening and it's SO irritating. It happens on our @SliceMag account (follow us y'all), as well as my personal account (i've lost like 43% of my tweets there) and I'm losing my mind. (GASP... I just had a revelation...I think I'm addicted to twitter... I BLAME YOU SULLYWOOD!!!).
Now that that's out of the way... to the post.

Well, if you haven't noticed yet, twitter is pretty much the most popular (IMO) social networking site online right now... and it's TOTALLY being run by hipsters ... and CNN.
Pretty much all the blogs worth following are on Twitter (ahem... Follow @SliceMag) as well as all of the cooler than cool self-indulgent celebs that are allowing fans a sometimes overly intimate look into their daily lives (i.e. Ashton: @plusk and his wifey Demi: @mrskutcher... who SAVED A LIFE ON TWITTER).

Twitter becomes more addicting and obsessive the more you Tweet and build your Twitter community. When you first start out, it's definitely bizarre and somewhat confusing (getting used to @replies and #followfriday type terminology. You can follow pretty much anyone on Twitter, (unless they have privacy settings, at which time they must approve you) but don't expect everyone you follow to follow you back (especially the cooler than cool celebs... they're far more interested in Tweeting their friends rather than responding to obsessive fans... not that I know from experience or anything).

Think of Twitter as a public text messaging service/2 sentence diary, where all of your texts create a long and continuous narcissistic thread that you can go back and reflect on when you have nothing better to do.

It's awesome and we encourage you all to get out there are check it out... and we promise...we'll always reply to your @replies, ('cause our heads aren't shoved too far up our own asses)

Yours Truly,

On a totally RANDOM note... I'm watching ER and RORY from Gilmore Girls is on it! She still has that baby voice... Weeeeired (she's playing a DR).

Also... I wonder if you can be charged with harassment on Twitter? 'Cause we've been kinda harassing @petewentz... (we save those Tweets in our Favourites)

Update: So we recently had one of the most profound Twitter experiences. We put up the following quote by Torontonian, Ivor Tossel:
"Facebook is about people you used to know; Twitter is about people you’d like to know better”.
And suddenly we had people RT (Re-Tweet) it on their own twitter pages. (Like LOADS of people) It was a really bizarre experience. The Quote will be up in our Words to the Wise section on the side bar.

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D I X O N said... @ April 07, 2009 1:33 AM

Twitter really is the pinnacle of internet applications and websites not taking themselves so seriously. They have been moving in that popular direction for a while now, personalizing their messages and having a bit of fun with the banal functions of a website.

I had a brief run in with Twitter. But I just can't get into it. No amount of good love @replies could ever keep me interested.

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