Dear Slice,
After reading the recent "Hipsters are the new Jocks" MESH - (International Electro-rapper, Brooklyn, NY) and then following the link and reading the recent article by Ad busters (which you can read here) I thought 'Am I a Hipster?'
I couldn't decide my answer- if it was going to be a quite guilty nod or a full throated no (which would be full of an air of superiority because unlike everyone else I hadn't given into it.)
Before I made my decision, there were a few things to consider:

1. I own a bike.
2. I have a blog.
3. One side of my head is shaved.
4. I wear a denim shirt with black leggings.
5. I've met Mark Hunter.
6. Vice magazine was my hero from the age of 12.

So this put me at about 85% hipster. The last 15% was empty because of the absence of lo-fi pictures with analog cameras in my life. There were no Polaroid photos on my wall- nor were there Polaroid photos on my facebook. I was worried. How could I become a total 100% hipster without the photos. (And just an after thought- the fact that I was worried and consciously aware of this- adds at least another 10% to me being a hipster. As 50% of being a Hipster is thinking about being a hipster.)

I was too anxious to add those cool kids I met last night on facebook because I didn't have the goods to back up the meeting. I didn't have the photos. I avoided responding to their friend requests for a couple of days and then joy oh joy. I stumbled across Secret Hipster Heaven.

Poladroid is a program you can download free that lets you turn your ordinary photos in polaroid photos. Above is my friend's photo she turned into a polaroid using the program.

Obviously - in hipster reality- we would all like to have genuine polaroid photos but we have to realise this isn't always going to turn out. If we want to live the dream- we're going to have to make a few sacrifices along the way and I am ready and mature enough to make such decisions.

I've already got four new profile pictures and three new totally rad* friends.

Love Frankie
(who is currently 110% hipster)


*rad is hipster for cool. Not cool in the sense of obviously trying to be cool, cool in the sense of not trying to be cool, just naturally cool (but in this not trying, a lot of thinking and pondering and considering goes into it. So really just not trying in an obvious way to be cool , cool. )

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