Yesterday I walked along the street with an ex. He told me he had a new girlfriend. They started going out a week after we broke up. He then asked to sit down and so we did. I looked up and smiled at the dirty pigeons in the branches. He started sobbing and told me how sorry he was for everything. He told me he thought of me everyday. I just looked at him. And then, he pulled out this light blue handkerchief to wipe his red eyes with. All of a sudden, at that very moment, one of the pigeons decided to take a runny shit, and it landed directly on his handkerchief. As I starred at the white fluid running over onto his jeans I decided that from then on, I will always feed the birds.


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Maria said... @ April 28, 2010 12:34 PM

I was ALWAYS terrified of that movie. I blame it for my unnatural fear of Birds to this day.

However that story... hilarious.

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