Currently I am in the middle of training for a marathon, it's in a couple of weeks.

Surprisingly the endurance training isn't the hardest bit. It's the quitting of the minty slashes.

I don't understand how it works- you are straining your body to the limits of physical exercise, and then somehow you enjoy making it harder for yourself by continuing a bad habit. Somehow the two routines manage to peacefully exist simultaneously. I thought one would cancel the other out.

However somehow they have managed to sustain themselves, gradually getting stronger. It's like the cold war. Perhaps. Probably not actually.

Ill try another political reference; The Israel/Palestine conflict... nearly there?

In other news a friend took me to a gig last night. The Vivian Girls at The Northcote Social Club. Somehow, this three piece band, managed to create a swell of sound, that kept building and building pulling the crowd into their current. It was magnificent, but perhaps only available through live performance. If you get the chance, go have a look.

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Chaplin estates Toronto said... @ October 04, 2009 6:08 PM

Marathon? Wow, good luck with the trainings. Yeah, it kinda seems like people enjoy making stuff harder for themselves and thus proving something to themselves.


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